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Ladybower Sheffield Portrait Session

I met Damian in a facebook group where he was looking for someone to take promo images for his new single 'Thorns'. As a family and child photographer this was something I'd never tried, but once I gave his music a listen I immediately knew I had to work with him. Dark, eerie, atmospheric synthpop. I knew together we could create something magical. After many facebook conversations we met in Sheffield and set off into the peak district, me driving while Damian directed, neither of us really knowing where we were heading.

As we approached Ladybower we decided this is where we would stop. I may not have agreed to this if I had known how far and how high he was going to make me climb.

As we climbed what Damian at first said wasn't THAT BIG of a hill we stopped for photos, outfit changes and many, many breaks as I determined this wasn't just a hill, it was what felt like a mountain. I swear.

The results on the camera kept us fully motivated and while it may be the most exercise I've done in YEARS, actually, I thoroughly enjoyed it and Damian was a dream to work with.

After many rest stops and so.much.climbing, we made it to the top. The light was dwindling as we took the last few shots and realised that now we had to descend in half light. Neither of us being natural born climbers or athletic in the slightest it was no easy feat.

Working with Damian has been truly a pleasure, I'm excited to see what we'll create in the future, although maybe next time we'll pick a smaller hill.

His new single 'Thorns' is out and available to listen here - SPOTIFY: YOUTUBE MUSIC: SOUNDCLOUD: Sugar Moon xxx

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