Tanukis and Tenrecs and Sea Cows

Ever heard of a Tanuki? When I think of Tanukis I picture Tanuki Mario! Can't you just tell I'm a boy mum!

This stunning ball of fluff here is a Tanuki called Oki that I had the pleasure of meeting last year.

I started a little project photographing children and animals together - it unfortunately ended up on the back burner - and I recently realised I never even shared the results! Oops!

I was lucky enough to work with Pamela and some of her animals - it was a dream come true - and I think results are truly magical.

Robyn and her mum Claire came along to meet the animals and Robyn made the most perfect little model!

While Oki here is tame and loveable, the rest of the Tanukis that Pamela rescued and kept safe in her large enclosure were not quite so.

Bought as pets and then abandoned or neglected due to not being domesticated animals, Pam then took it upon herself to house and care for these beautiful creatures.

We also got to meet this cute little fella! He looks like a tiny little hedgehog but is actually a Tenrec! Tenrecs are more closely related to golden moles, aardvarks, elephants and even sea cows!

Honestly, I just spent 15 minutes googling sea cows as I truly thought it was something made up on Sarah and Duck! (and I can freely admit that as most likely no ones read this far! If you have - Shh don't judge me!)

Thank you so much to Pamela for letting us experience this and to Robyn and Claire for coming along for the day!

Next project - Sea cows. xoxo - Sugar Moon

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