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The Experience

Every shoot is different because it is tailored to you.
Whether it's working around your child's nap times, your work hours or just when you feel your best. As long as there's light, we're good to go!
I capture a mixture of posed and natural images, so there's no need to stress if you know your little one just won't stay still. Just let them do their thing, have fun, run riot; and I'll capture the magic! 

What do I get?

I take a mixture of posed highly edited images and candid natural images. You can choose to have both, or one or the other.
You get between 20-25 images in your own personalised online gallery. 
The images are yours to download and keep, share, print and use as you wish.
There are no hidden costs and no need to purchase any additional  rights or prints from me.


What are Mini Sessions?

Mini session's are 20 minute themed sessions, such as a valentine's, mother's day, blossom or  pumpkin patch shoot.
They take place in a  pre-arranged location on a specific date are a great introduction to having your portraits taken professionally.
They also make fantastic birthday gifts and are simply a lovely way to celebrate the changing seasons with your family. 

What about rain?

For me, as long as there is light, no rain or strong winds, I am happy to shoot! 
Sometimes the best light is on the dullest days, some of my favourite photos have been taken in less than great conditions, and best of all, kids don't tend to feel it as much as we do! 
Of course though, you know your child and if it's too much for them we can always take a rain check!

Once you've booked a date

Once you've booked me you will receive a questionaire where I will get to know a little more about your family and we will discuss how to get the most out of our time together.
If you aren't too far away we can even meet to go over the details such as clothing, props, location, interests, personality or hobbies you would like to incorporate, and all the little elements that will make this shoot special to you. Of course we can do all of this online too! 


What you choose to wear will help put across your personality and most of all has a big impact on the mood of the photograph.
It doesn't have to be
anything fancy, sometimes simply picking the right colour can make everything pop! 
 Not sure what to wear? I'm here to advise you what will work best and give the image the look you want. 
If your child's anything like mine though, they won't be swayed too much on outfit choices, and don't worry, that will work too!
That's who they are and that's exactly what we want to see! 

The day of your

It's time to make some magic! 
 I will give as much or as little direction as is needed, but mostly I want you to enjoy yourselves. 
Don't worry if your child gets muddy from playing or really doesn't want to co-operate. If the day doesn't go as planned we can absolutely try again. But honestly, sometimes the best images are captured when your child is off being themselves getting up to no good. 


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