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Wear Red for Isabel

This little beauty may look just like any other 5 year old. And in many ways she is, but she is also an absolute warrior!

Though her strength and beauty never fail to shine through in photographs, what you can't see, is that Isabel has a rare and complex Congenital Heart Disease*, along with autism and sensory processing disorder. (*CHD is when something goes wrong when a baby's heart is formed)

Isabel was diagnosed before birth and was born prematurely at 36 weeks at Leeds General Infirmary where she spent 7 days in neonatal care and an additional 5 at Worksop's Special Care baby unit.

At just 17 weeks old Isabel underwent a 5 hour open heart operation while her heart was just the size of a walnut!

Now at the age of 5, she truly is a little miracle!

She will go on to need further life saving open heart surgery throughout her childhood, as will many other children born with CHD (in the UK roughly every 2 hours a child is born with CHD)

You can help support Isabel and others like her by entering the wear red day raffle. There are some fantastic prizes to be won (Including a free shoot with me!😊) and all proceeds from the raffle go to the Children's Heart Surgery Fund, a charity that is supporting the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit where Isabel was born.

Every bit of money raised goes towards things such as parent accommodation, keepsakes for the children after surgery and of course the life saving equipment that has allowed Isabel to be here today.

Wear Red Day is Friday 1st Feb, if you would like to enter the raffle or would like any additional information please get in touch☺️😀

xoxo Sugar Moon

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