Mini Sessions




You've now survived the longest Summer holiday of your life! 

I don't know about you, but I'm well and truly exhausted.
But -  I'm also grateful, grateful for all of the time that we've had together as a family.
The many hours we've idled away. The lazy afternoons spent in the sunshine, the bouncing off the walls bursting with energy days, the sleepless nights filled with wondering about everything and anything, the tears and the arguments, the cuddles that make everything ok again, the scraped knees and pleas of 'NO BE CAREFUL, WE CANNOT GO TO A&E!', the attempts at learning, the running out of ideas of just what to eat (I swear all we do is eat),feeling like all you do every day is cook and tidy and giving up on the tidying because well, does it even matter anymore, no ones allowed in the house but us anyway!

Trying to take those moments to breathe and just be grateful for each other. Whoever that is, children, parents, spouses, even if thats been over the phone or face time and you've endured this alone.
You have survived one of the most bizarre and mentally exhausting times in our lifetime. But maybe - just maybe, our children (and hopefully even some of us) will look back on this time as something good. A time where we were brought together through being kept apart. A time where 'social distancing' made us closer than ever.

My August mini session was going to be a celebration of the end of the summer holidays - a winding down and going back to school session. 
But right now, every thing is still so uncertain. Who knows what September will bring, whether school will open to full capacity and all children will return? And what that will even mean?

So instead, this session is a celebration of your family and this time spent together. 
The summer of 2020 has been an odd one, a special one and one we won't soon forget.

I hope you can join me in creating images your family can treasure and look back on forever. 

The session will be held at an outdoor location and all appropriate social distancing measures will be in place, distance will be kept and memories captured.
Contact me now  to register your interest, limited spaces available.